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People need to realize...

That this is amazing.
It's a joke, anybody who doesn't realize this is an idiot.
Got to love David Firth, eh?

Haha awesome!

That was funny, I loved it. Animation was good, voice acting was good, comedy was comical.
Love it!

I love your stuff so much.

I really wish you had some show or some type of televised segment somewhere.
I would watch anything you do.

I remember the first thing I saw from you, I was completely amazed, and this is still no let down!
(I love the bass beat-skull guy)

TheBoogley responds:

thanks mate, that's really nice of you to say!
people are divided about that skull guy, some really like him, others hate his guts.
One guy called it an owl :)

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Sadistically Brilliant.

I have enjoyed this game so much.
It's got pretty good re-playability, trying to get all the characters and whatnot. It took me forever to get that child-like-character, but that's just me.
This game is also pretty hilarious. After launching I was going to try and get as far as possible to try for a highscore or something, but the first thing that happened was my character was stabbed. I laughed so much.
Anyway, the game is fun, good quality, awesome art, good upgrades and everything. Definitely worth playing.

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This may be just me...

I really enjoyed the game for what I was able to play.
The only problem I had realized was when I clicked outside of the game. It would usually go to the "the game is paused" screen, but it would usually stay on that screen for a long time, and it would never leave. Wasn't able to play the game after that.

So, other than that, great game!
Just maybe fix this problem.

The game wont work.

All that will play for me is the first jump.
After buying the helmet upgrade, I click okay, and it goes to a blank screen.

I wont rate it purely on that, considering others are able to play it. And so far it looks pretty good.
Hopefully I can get it to work and play it fully.

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It was cool untill...

The guitar riff is pretty good, the looping of it is alright.
The only problem I would bring up is the weird keyboard riff.
Other than that everything was good.

Also, maybe lay off the lightning effects.
Overall, good job for this being when you were inexperienced.

I don't know what to say here.

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